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The ECS deployment target generates a cloudformation template (build/ecs.yml) with all the components needed to create and deploy to an ECS cluster. It will then upload and execute the cloudformation script used the provided arguments.

ansible-deploy -e target=ecs

Supported Arguments

Option Description Support
files Map of files to copy
templates Map of templates to render
containers List of containers to exectute Uses ECS Services/Tasks
load_balancers List of load balancers Uses Application Load Balancers
commands List of commands to execute.
mounts Map of NFS mounts
sysctls Sysctl variables to set
env_vars Environment variables to set ✖ Use container environment instead

Extra Arguments

Argument Default Description
account_id AWS Account ID
domain_id Route53 Domain ID
region AWS Region
cluster_size 3 Initial size of Auto Scaling Group
docker_registry {{account_id}}.dkr.ecr.{{region}}
log_retention 7 Number of days to retain CloudWatch logs
ecs_instance_type c4.xlarge
ecs_image_id ami-0254e5972ebcd132c ECS AMI Image ID
subnet_name APP Subnet prefix to place ECS instances into