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The kubernetes deployment target generates a kubernetes spec file (build/k8s.yml) and applies it using kubectl

ansible-deploy -e target=k8s

Supported Arguments

Arguments can either be applied at the group level or the individual container level. If an argument is specified at the container level, it is not merged with the group level argument.

Option Description Support
files Map of files to copy Using ConfigMaps
templates Map of templates to render Using ConfigMaps
containers List of containers to exectute Using Deployment's and Service's
load_balancers List of load balancers ✖ Use service_type instead
commands List of commands to execute. Using Lifecycle/PostStart Hook
mounts Map of NFS mounts ✖ Planned
volumes Map of host volume mounts
sysctls Sysctl variables to set ✖ Planned
env_vars|env Environment variables to set Supported

Extra Arguments

Argument Default Description


The spec can be customized using the kustomize tool. To use place a kustomization.yml file in the k8s directory.

Check Mode

Check mode is supported, it will use kubectl --dry-run=true under the hood.

ansible-deploy --check